Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Enhancement

1. I have small breasts; can they be enlarged by just a pill?

Imagine your clothes will not be saggy, and feeling better is something we all like to do. There are many women that have been helped by this revolutionary system. You will be able to go around more confidently and you will feel more attractive.

2. Does it ever create larger breasts than normal?

No, it helps you to become the woman you always have been hoping for, without being proportionately big. It will only create larger, fuller and firmer breasts.

3. After having two kids my breasts are not their perky selves anymore. Does the breast enhancement pill restore the natural contour. I like the size of my breasts though.

Yes it will. As age catches up with us and the burden of having kids works its way with our breasts we lose the shape. Breast Enlargement Pills however will restore that youthful stage.

4. Is there another reason I should take breast enhancement pills besides the obvious one?

Breast enhance pills inhibit the growth of breast and uterine cancer. They contain herbs that help in the cessation of these symptoms. Breast enlargement pills are made with a proprietary mix that helps you in the following ways.

A decreased chance of getting breast, uterine or endometrial cancer.

Cardio-vascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks are reduced to a minimum.

Sexual desires are increased and it helps your libido.

The menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, dry vagina, loss of libido, night sweats, incontinence, weight gain, memory lapses, osteoporosis etc. are considerably reduced.

The symptoms of PMS are also reduced by it. Cramping, craving, bloating, depression, headaches, swelling and the tenderness of breasts.

It decreases the absorption of cholesterol by the body.

Both Type1 and Type Two diabetes can be reduced by these pills.

It helps you with osteoporosis by building better bones.

If you are feeling down, it helps build self confidence and gives you happiness.

To help control your fluid balance it acts as a natural diuretic.

Helps to control your weight by not allowing calories to stick to your system.

5. Are breast enlargement pills safe to consume?

Relatively safe, but as with any new supplement you should talk to your doctor about them. They are made with natural ingredients that have been used for ages to treat certain conditions by herbalists or for that matter even physicians. If you are taking prescription pills or have certain conditions you should not take these pills till your doctor says it is all right. You are advised to be cautious even though generally these pills will not harm anyone.

6. Do you think there are any side effects with these pills?

Hardly any side effects have been noticed with the breast enlargement pills. A few women have noticed having a mild case of constipation or diarrhea, nothing uncommon when you take any herbs. A few cases have reported a mild skin condition, if you get a rash call your doctor and stop taking the pills till it clears. Breast Gain Plus is made with natural ingredients that normally will not cause any problems.

7. What is a good way to store Breast Pills?

Store the product in a well ventilated place without moisture. That is the reason you cannot store them in your bathroom as there is moisture due to the shower, keep them at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Moisture will reduce their shelf life and you will not get the results you desire. You should always have them handy, so that you never forget to take them on time. Mostly if the supplements do not work is because their efficacy gets reduced by improper storage.

8. When I first took the pills I saw a spurt in growth, however now it is slow, should I keep taking the pills?

You have gotten to the plateau phase. It happens in weight loss too. It does not mean you will stop growing. Take the pills for another 6 to 8 weeks for the best results you can get.

9. I always lose breast size when I diet and I am on the verge of trying a new one. Will the breast enlargement pills help in keeping my breasts the same?

Breast Enlargement pills promote the growth of breast tissue not water, thus it would be helpful for you to continue taking the pills through your diet.

10. Is someone available to talk to on the phone r by e mail, either before ordering or after the product has arrived?

Yes, someone will always be there to answer any of your questions. Every customer service agent has an email address and is available by a toll free number.

11. Do I have to take the Breast Enlargement Pills forever if I take them once?

No, not regularly, we do recommend a maintenance dose to be taken 1 to 2 weeks every 4-6 weeks just to make sure your breasts stay in good shape for a long time.

12. What if I take a pregnancy test, will the breast enlargement pills cause any side effects to it?

No, the herbal ingredients in the Breast Enlargement pills cause no effects in a pregnancy test.

13. What is in the Breast Enlargement Pills that make them so effective?

Breast enlargement pills are made up of a proprietary blend of herbs which were used for ages as medicines for different things. So even though they cannot cause any harm, individuals who have medical problems should first consult with their doctor prior to taking the pills. The doctor has your history and can advise you to take the supplement or not. For a list of what is in your Breast Enlargement Pills click here.

14. For how long should breast enlargement pills be taken?

Every woman has different requirements, but as a rule of thumb we recommend at least 5 to 6 months, depending on how large you wish your breasts to be.

15. How long do Breast Enlargement Pills take to work?

As a general rule smaller women who are just trying to grow their breasts see results in 2 to 4 weeks. Their breasts are larger and perkier. However bigger women who are taking the supplement just for the shape take a little longer. They would see noticeable results in 4 to 6 weeks. Women have different metabolisms and time is a hard thing to judge based on it.

16. I have a 16 year old daughter, whose breasts are not fully grown yet. Can she safely use the pills and have significant results with it?

Yes teens going through puberty will see significant results with the product. The initial growth spurt will be more pronounced with it. It is recommended though, that you take the ingredients and discuss the matter with the child’s physician before you let her try the Breast Enlargement Pills.

17. How do Breast Enlargement Pills do their job?

At puberty breast development is controlled by the balance of hormones. There has to a required amount of progesterone, prostaglandins, estrogen, prolactin among others which have to have a certain balance for breast tissue to develop fully. If these hormones are imbalanced, or some are less than others breast development can be severely hindered.

Breast enlargement Pills are made up of what is called phytoestrogens. This helps to increase the breast tissue and in turn make breasts bigger. There are no female hormones in the mixture like estrogen and progesterone.

You would find phytoestrogens in plants and it has weak estrogenic properties. The estrogen cells in your body respond to certain receptor cells, and the phytoestrogens do the same thus increasing the effect. In Asia where the diet contains a number of plants full of phytoestrogens, the women have a much lower rate of breast cancer. Breast cancer, heart disease and the symptoms of menopause are greatly reduced when there is an introduction of phytoestrogens in the body.

The natural balance of the female breast is restored when phytoestrogens are introduced to it, increasing the growth of breast tissue. If you need more information about the ingredients, it can be found in section of health ingredients.

18. For the breast enlargement pills to work is it absolutely necessary to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water?

No, we recommend a healthy dose but not an overdose of water. A number of companies want you to drink more water hoping that some of it will stay in your breast area. As long as you are having enough to satisfy your daily requirement of water you are fine.

19. How many of the breast enlargement pills am I supposed to take?

Two capsules in the morning is the recommended dose. If you take less do not expect the results to be anywhere near what you expected.

20. What should I do if I accidentally miss taking a dose?

If you miss taking your dose then see what time it is. If you are closer to the time you were supposed to take it then you can take the supplement but on the other hand if it is almost time to take your next dose, then skip it. Do not double your dose and try to make up for the loss.

21. What are your standards with which you can assure a quality product?

  • The breast enlargement pills are registered with the FDA, the governmental regulation authority.
  • Following strict guidelines set forth by the FDA we have high standards to abide with. Quality Assurance and quality assessment protocols are followed to the Good Manufacturing Protocol (GMP) set forth by the FDA (Food and Drug Association).
  • Quality testing of all material used in our manufacture is done by our team of in house experts.
  • Contamination of materials is checked thoroughly and the experts make sure of that from the first step to the last. Mislabeling is not possible because of the checks and balances set forth in the guidelines.

22. When pregnant or if breast feeding is done, should I still take the Breast Enlargement Pills?

Women are advised to consult their obstetrician before taking this supplement. Since we have not determined the outcome with studies to prove, we cannot say what the efficacy or the results would be. Thus it is up to the doctor to decide if it is safe in individual cases.

23. In the case of excessive stress will I get the desired results? I have just been through a messy divorce and was wondering.

Stress is generally harmful to the body. Why would it be different in this case? We have tried to add Don Quae and Damiana to the mixture to keep stress down to a manageable level, but cannot guarantee the results. Stress reduces the effect of the body’s immune system and causes things like hair loss, anxiety, loss of sleep and headaches to name a few. Thus the improvement in the size and contour of your breasts are something that will only be known individually.

24. Is it safe to use Breast Enlargement Pills along with Birth Control Pills?

If you were taking prescription medicines or even over the counter ones then you should consult your physician before you take these. There is no study showing that you cannot use the Breast Enlargement Pills along with birth control Pills.

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